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This deep golden tea is highly effective and delicious. The ingredients in this tea have been  selected specifically to address inflammation in the body. We start this blend with organic nettle, an herb that has shown to help with various inflammatory issues such as arthritis, gout, and joint pain. We then blend in organic ginger and organic turmeric, also both shown to have significant anti-inflammatory properties in addition to other great benefits. Freshly crushed organic cinnamon sticks finish off the base of this blend with more significant anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, we add organic rose hips, organic rose petals and buds, organic chamomile, and organic rooibos. All of these ingredients serve a purpose and together they create an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. The flavor profile of this blend resembles a deep and delicious chai tea. Try adding cream or nut milk of your choice to really make this tea stand out! 


Ingredients: Organic Nettle Leaf (Italy), Organic Turmeric (India), Organic Ginger (China), Organic Cinammon (Indonesia), Organic Chamomile (Egypt), Organic Rose Hips (Chile), Organic Rose Buds and Petals (Egypt), Organic Rooibos (South Africa)


Brewing Instructions: Bring water to full boil. Pour 8 - 12oz boiling water per each tablespoon of tea using french press, kettle or strainer of your choice. Let tea steep for 10 - 15 minutes (the longer the better for full efficacy). Also makes an excellent iced tea. 

Servings: 2oz package makes 16 separate servings, per 12 oz of water. 8oz package makes 64 servings, 16oz package makes 128 servings. Each serving may be steeped multiple times.


** Consult an herbalist or physician if unsure of how herbals may affect you.

Organic Anti-InflammaTea

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