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Sonlight Health and Wellness Nutrition Coach Denver



50 Minute Health Consultation


Live Free

Ditch booze - Become the healthiest, happiest and most powerful version of yourself. 

I coach men and women to see what's possible in their health and lives without alcohol.

Why Alcohol-Free

The science behind alcohol consumption is undeniable: There is no healthy level of consumption. 


Beyond that, how does it ultimately make you feel?

Alcohol damages health and holds us back from maximizing our own growth and potential.


Whether a temporary break or a permanent change, going alcohol-free allows our bodies and minds to heal, build and grow as our truest and highest selves. 

Alcohol-Free + Health Coaching

Live Free Health Coaching focuses on optimizing health and wellness while also discovering how much more is possible when alcohol is removed. 

Feel empowered that you are making a choice that invests exponentially in your own health, longevity and happiness.  

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Live Free Bootcamp
30 Day - Group

A 30 day interactive group experience to live free from alcohol.


A great starting point for anyone curious about living alcohol-free. A great way to detox body and mind to build a better basis for health.

Live Free Jumpstart
90 Day - Individual

A 90 day intensive individual experience to live free from alcohol.


Build a transformative foundation of health and wellness and begin to experience the magic of living alcohol-free. 

Live Free Evolution
180 Day - Individual

A comprehensive 180 day individual experience to build a healthy and resilient lifestyle free from alcohol. 


Become more confident than you have ever been, empowered, and live your purpose-filled, alcohol-free dream life. 

Happy Couple
"We brainstormed and put together a plan of action. I felt lighter after each session and my overwhelm subsided. Thank you Erik for your warmth and knowledge!"

Genna S.



I've had my own negative experiences with alcohol, but have also discovered what an amazing life exists beyond being stuck to a drink. 

Are you tired of it? I know I was. 

Alcohol does not help, heal or empower us in any way. Societal pressures and modern media do not make it easy for us to gain a realistic perspective of how alcohol impacts our lives. 

Are you ready to live free? Join me!

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