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Sonlight Health and Wellness Nutrition Coach Denver



50 Minute Health Consultation
"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
- Socrates
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Thrive without alcohol.

I help men and women live healthier lives without alcohol. 

As a recovering alcoholic, I know all too well the havoc and grip that alcohol can have on our health, lives and relationships. It is something I never want to experience again, but through conquering it we can find unbelievable joy, health, freedom and wellness. It's an opportunity to redefine our wellness and spark a journey toward our best selves. 

Whether you are sober-curious, wish to reduce or remove alcohol from your life or are currently in recovery, I am here for you.


What's a sobriety coach?

A sobriety coach (or sober coach or peer recovery coach) is a professionally trained and certified coach who supports individuals on their journey from alcohol or addiction. Additionally, they usually have personal experience in conquering alcohol or addiction and use their story to help transform others. This is not medical treatment or professional therapy. This is health coaching as a support resource for people who live without alcohol or those that wish to.  

Working with me is all about discovering and accessing what is possible without alcohol in our lives. I offer health coaching through all aspects of wellness and nutrition in your life. Sobriety, whether a temporary break or a permanent change, is an opportunity for us to evolve and thrive and not just survive. 

I provide one-on-one coaching programs both in-person and online to help you achieve optimal wellness in sobriety.

Primary coaching focus: 


 - Understanding old patterns and creating new ones

 - Reclaiming your health and immunity with whole-food nutrition

 - Rebuilding your body through satisfying fitness and movement

 - Establishing better lifestyle habits and hobbies

 - Nourishing healthy community and positive relationships

 - Realigning with your true identity and soul's purpose


A recovery coach does not take the place of a sponsor, medical treatment or professional therapy. I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe. A recovery coach is a partner in your journey supporting an overall healthier and happier life without alcohol. 




  • Ten 75 minute one-on-one coaching sessions (in-person or online)


  • Complete health history and wellness review


  • Visioning/goal-setting session and wellness plan

  • Phone and email support

  • Sixteen 75 minute one-on-one coaching sessions (in-person or online)


  • Two 2 hour wellness excursions

       Can be modified for online programs


  • Welcome package with Sonlight swag


  • Program materials and resources

  • Phone and email support

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can expect from this program?

Clients of my coaching can expect to better understand and reframe their view of alcohol while vastly improving their overall wellness through positive changes in nutrition, fitness, confidence, community and relationships. 

Do I have to call myself an alcoholic or go to AA?

No. Alcoholics Anonymous, although a great solution for some, is not always for everyone. There are many different solutions and organizations dedicated to sobriety. The key is finding what speaks to you. 


Do you take insurance?

No, unfortunately insurance companies do not currently cover coaching or proactive well care.

Are you affordable? 

My prices are affordable for most budgets and I offer a discount for paying in full.  ​

Do you offer financing or payment plans?

The cost may be split into two payments, one due at the beginning of coaching and the second halfway through. 

Do I have to maintain full sobriety in this program?

This is a program about discovering and accessing what is possible for our lives and wellness when alcohol is eliminated. Desire is required, perfection is not. When mistakes happen a coach is there to support, guide and help learn from mistakes.

What are your coaching qualifications?

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition ( and graduated from their Health Coach Training Program. I am certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I also graduated from their Advanced Coaching Practicum which is a requirement to becoming Board Certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches.

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