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Sonlight Health and Wellness Nutrition Coach Denver



50 Minute Health Consultation


Feel Your Best

Become the healthiest, happiest and most powerful version of yourself. 

I coach men and women to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives in a sustainable and resilient way. 

Why Health Coaching?

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer I partner with you on your journey to a healthier life. 

Our bodies want to heal and thrive. And information about good health is more readily available that ever. So why then are worldwide chronic disease statistics rapidly escalating?

The missing link is positive behavioral change. And we don't get that from our current healthcare system. I coach, support and hold you accountable to make the improvements and changes you need and desire.

Invest In Yourself

Health Coaching is an investment in optimizing your health, expanding your enjoyment, reducing suffering and finding happiness and fulfillment.


People invest in various things every day from our cars, to our clothes, to our entertainment. Why would we not put the same time, investment and care into the most important thing we actually own in life? Our health. 

Feel empowered that you are making a choice that invests exponentially in your own health, longevity and happiness.  

Woman Preparing Food



Sonlight Bootcamp
30 Day - Group

A 30 day interactive group experience to explore healthier living.


Build a better basis for health. A great starting point for anyone curious about coaching or making positive changes in their life. 

Sonlight Jumpstart
90 Day - Individual

A 90 day individual experience to begin optimizing your health.


Build a transformative foundation of health and wellness and begin to experience the magic of the life you deserve.

Sonlight Evolution
180 Day - Individual

A comprehensive 180 day individual experience to build a healthy and resilient lifestyle.


Become more healthy, empowered and confident than ever, and live your purpose-filled, dream life. 

Happy Couple
"We brainstormed and put together a plan of action. I felt lighter after each session and my overwhelm subsided. Thank you Erik for your warmth and knowledge!"

Genna S.



I've had my own struggles in life and health, but in working through them I have also discovered what an amazing life exists beyond.

Are you tired of it? I know I was. 

I use a combination of strengths-based integrative health coaching, personal training and movement science, and habit-forming and accountability to help your achieve the changes you seek.

Are you ready to live free? Join me!

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