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New Beginnings for 2024

Sonlight Wellness new office location

Here is to new beginnings in 2024! Sonlight Wellness is kicking off the new year with a lot of fun changes. First, we have moved! Our new address is 8795 Ralston Road, Suite 105. As you walk into the suite we now have a reception area (pictured above) and two beautiful new massage therapy rooms to the left and right. Book a session - come check it out!

You may be wondering why I keep saying "we". I thought Sonlight was a one-person show? It isn't anymore. With the new space and additional rooms I have invited two awesome massage therapists to join me at Sonlight: Brian Cook, LMT and Whitney Manning, LMT.

Brian Cook Licensed Massage Therapist

Brian Cook

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Qigong Instructor

Brian is a great friend of mine. We met through the massage therapy world and connected from day one. Brian is an extremely intuitive, experienced and gifted massage therapist. This is the guy I go to when I need body work!

A little from Brian: "I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 1989.

That insatiable hunger lives on. I’ve studied Thai Yoga Massage in Evanston, and Thai Tok Sen Massage in Montreal, Tui Na Chinese Acupressure in Calgary, and Sports Massage + Trager Approach in New York City. I am currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine with a teacher in Vancouver.


Qigong (“chee gong”) has played an integral part in my life. I am a certified Qigong instructor. Qigong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with acupuncture, herbology, diet, and massage, dating back thousands of years. I practice Taoist and Medical Qigong, and enjoy amazing results."

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with Brian for some amazing body work or a refreshing Qigong session.


As you can see above Brian is a wealth of knowledge and he's just a really nice guy. He'll keep you laughing for sure! Brian also holds free (donation based) Qigong classes. You can find him in various areas around Arvada teaching Qigong. Summer Qigong in the park is not to be missed!


Check out Brian's Qigong MEETUP GROUP


Read more about Qigong on Brian's BLOG


In addition to body work and Qigong, Brian is also a gourmet chef and a classical musician.

Whitney Manning Licensed Massage Therapist

Whitney Manning

Licensed Massage Therapist

Whitney Manning is a Licensed Massage Therapist educated at the Colorado School of Healing Arts. Whitney focuses on relaxation massage, delivering individualized sessions in a therapeutic setting that are connective, pain relieving and an antidote to the everyday stress we carry physically and mentally. Whitney is led to massage therapy with the belief that health and peace of the mind and spirit are connected and enlivened by the health and wellness of our physical state.


Previous to massage, Whitney enjoyed a long career in victim advocacy and supporting people in recovery from substance disorders. She values trauma informed approaches, empowerment and compassionate communication. Whitney is excited to introduce massage to clients new to this self-care journey as well as continuing the healing work for massage enthusiasts.


BOOK WHITNEY for a Deep Swedish Massage, CBD massage or The Sonlight Massage.

I have also opened up new HEALTH COACHING hours. Do you have changes in your life, nutrition and wellness you would like to make? I now offer health coaching + personal training programming integrated into all of my coaching programs. There is never a better time than now to invest in your health. More to come on coaching in future posts.

That's all for now friends.

Be well,


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